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Spa & Wellness

To relax is your top priority here

In a lovely renovated straw shed you can find our wellness area. Here we offer you a jacuzzi, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a cold shower. The jacuzzi has two pumps of hydro massage. Here you can relax in a cosy atmosphere.

  • Jacuzzi

    The jacuzzi has two pumps of hydro massage. Here you can relax in a cosy atmosphere.

  • Finnish sauna (dry sauna)

    This type of sauna works with dry air, temperature ranges between 80 and 100 degrees. Air humidity is about 15 per cent.

  • Humid sauna (Turkish bath)

    emperatures of the air range between 25 and 50 degrees. Air humidity is 99 per cent.

  • Cold shower

    After the sauna experience you can get your circulation going by taking a chilly shower running from a bucket.


A new attraction are our different massage packages

  • Back, spinal column and head
    • 50min / 60€

    This hand massage makes you relax these body regions. So it relieves physical complaints.

  • Massage with depth effect
    • 60min / 65€

    With this intense massage technique including relaxation phases we want to release your muscle tensions. The treatment is directed towards deeper muscle tissue and is intended to give you more mobility.

  • Sports massage
    • 60min / 65€

    Improves the performance and fitness of hobby and professional athletes. The massage can prepare the muscle tissue for training or regenerate small injuries after sports activities.

  • Anti-stress massage
    • 60min / 65€
    • 90min / 90€

    Relaxing massage of back, arms, legs, feet and neck. The massage releases tensions using essential oils and activates the lymphatic system.

  • Bio energetic massage
    • 60min / 65€

    Relaxing body massage based on the traditional Chinese medicine. The massage balances the energy channels and prevents exhaustion and fatigue.

  • Reflexology
    • 50min / 58€

    The feet are connected to all essential organs of the body. Reflexologies provide wellbeing and relaxation and prevent minor physical ailments.



  • Water treatment in the bathtub and anti-stress massage
    • 30min / 70€

    It combines the advantages of water and hand massage. This is a perfect opportunity to achieve a balanced state of body and mind.

  • Osteopathy and fascias treatment
    • 60min / 72€

    Reconstitutes physical functions and structure by specific hand movements. Appropriate in case of motor disorders, disorders in the neural system, digestion, respiration, etc…